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My name is Baabish, editor-in-chief/photographer for Vitisportsandlife. We cover major domestic and international sporting events.

Telling a story and capturing the moments is the best part of being a photographer. Some of the best images come from the smallest moments.

Our goal is always to give you unique images that push the art of photography. Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my website.

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Baabish Hussain

Editor | photographer

Faizal Ali


Alvin Singh


Reginald Karan


“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”

Our Values

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In our approach to understanding our customers in sports, we prioritize immersive experiences and empathetic engagement. Recognizing the diverse interests and passions within the sporting community, we actively participate in various sports activities, attend events, and engage in conversations with athletes, coaches, and fans.

Our commitment to understanding our customers in sports is about meeting their needs and enhancing their overall enjoyment and participation in the sporting activities they love.


We cover all major sporting events domestic and International. We also offer a wide variety of Photography Services for our local clients as well.


Our branding involves crafting a distinct visual identity and style that resonates with the photographer's unique perspective, and recognizable presence across the board.


Our main goal is to develop long-term relationships through personal connections and giveaways. It’s always a privilege to help and assist our clients.


Vitisportsandlife Magazine is published monthly, with all the latest news from South Pacific islands and worldwide. Get your copy from your local stores.