Your Handy Guide To Betting On The 2022 MLB World Series

Published on 3 Oct 2022 10:13 am (UK Time)

The 2022 World Series is fast-approaching, and it’s up to sports fans to be prepared. This year’s final two haven’t been decided yet, and there’s still plenty of ball to be played before we have our championship match, but that doesn’t mean we can waste time waiting while other supporters and even sportsbooks get the jump on us. You will find that, despite the World Series fixtures still reading TBC vs TBC, pundits are already making their predictions while major gambling apps offer odds and accept your MLB best bets.

We don’t want our readers to be left behind or in the dark about anything related to this year’s World Series. That’s why we have invited a baseball enthusiast and sports betting expert to provide you with a handy guide with everything you need to know included. If it’s important to fans and worth knowing, you’ll find it here. By the end of this page, you will have the information you need to make smart, well-informed predictions while having the dates in your diary to schedule purchasing tickets or watching the play on TV.

2022 World Series

If you are a dedicated follower of Major League Baseball, the chances are you will already know the format of the World Series. It is one of the biggest, most popular and famous series of matches in professional sports. MLB is huge in the United States, but it has a healthy following globally, including in Japan and the United Kingdom. Most ball fans based overseas must stay up into the small hours to watch matches live on TV, proving they are every bit as invested in the outcome as US supporters.

If you are maybe new to baseball or the World Series, we’ll quickly bring you up to pace, which will save time in the long run. The World Series is a run of up to seven matches, with the first to secure four wins lifting the title. It doesn’t matter how a side gets to that magic number of four – they could win 4-0 or be three down and come back to win 4-3. They will be crowned champions if they make it to four wins before their opponent.

Watch live on TV

This will be the 118th renewal of the World Series and – as always – will pair the National League winner with the American League winner. The best performing two sides in the country then slug it out across four or more matches to decide a champion. The first game will be played on Friday, 28th October, with the series ending no later than Saturday, 5th November, if the pair are tied at 3-3, and a decider is required. 

We have enjoyed some nail-biting World Series over the years, with the matches going right down to the seventh game, but it is often over before that stage. Last year is the perfect example of this when Atalanta Braves beat the Houston Astros by four points to two. Whether this one goes to the wire or not, you can be confident all the play will be shown live on television, with Fox broadcasting the play in the US and overseas while ESPN owns the radio commentary rights.

In addition to the matches being shown on television, they will also be available on several legal live streaming apps worldwide. The best of these are offered by major international bookmakers who allow registered members to watch the game free of charge, as long as they have made a bet on the outcome or have a positive balance to bet in-play. You’ll find the quality of the live stream to be as good as you’d expect to find on TV, with the added advantage of watching on your smartphone so you won’t miss a match.

Betting favourites

The World Series hasn’t been decided yet, but bookies are already accepting wagers and handing out free bets. The team the traders are pinning their hopes on is the Los Angeles Dodgers, who are favourites to end as champions. They were the first side to make it through to the playoffs and were in stunning form during the regular season.

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