Yorkshire cricket latest news: Chairman resigns after racism row

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The fallout continues in the world of cricket to the racism experienced by Azeem Rafiq. Friday started with Roger Hutton, the chairman of Yorkshire, resigning with immediate effect over the club’s response to the racism experienced by former player. The club have also been banned from hosting England cricket matches after their “wholly unacceptable” lack of response to their own findings in an investigation into Rafiq’s allegations.

Further board members at Yorkshire County Cricket Club could be set to follow Hutton with an exit today, amid expected further announcements from the England and Wales Cricket Board. Meanwhile, Former England captain Michael Vaughan has denied telling then-Yorkshire team-mate Rafiq – and two other Asian players – there were “too many of you lot” and insists he will “fight to the end” to prove he is “not that person”.

Follow live updates of the news surrounding Azeem Rafiq, Yorkshire and the world of cricket below:


Nasser Hussain criticises Yorkshire for having no ‘guts’

The ex-England captain Nasser Hussain has criticised Yorkshire for not having “the guts” to do the right years ago in relation to the Azeem Rafiq case.

“They messed it up first time when it actually happened because no one had the guts to stand up and say: ‘No, we are not doing that in this dressing room,’” he told Sky Sports.

“They next messed it up for years after that by not picking out people who used that terminology and they are still messing it up now when they had the option to say: ‘We have changed, we will not accept this sort of behaviour’. So they continue to mess it up.”

Hussain went on to say he feared the consequences for young players coming up through the system at cricket clubs.

“Almost by Yorkshire saying it is just banter, they are sending a message through all their age groups that it is okay to say ‘you lot’ and ‘that corner shop must belong to your uncle’ and things like that. They are sending a message that this sort of mickey taking is absolutely fine and it’s not.”

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Yorkshire accused of “victim blaming” by senior government MP

The chair of the Digital, Music, Culture and Sport committee has accused Yorkshire County Cricket Club of “victim blaming” in the report based on the findings of their internal investigation in strong criticism of both the club’s practices and handling of the case.

Julian Knight MP branded the club’s response “absolutely appalling” on the Today programme, adding: “There is a degree of victim blaming in the leaked report, where they equate Rafiq using ‘Zim’ for Zimbabwean as the same as the P-word. It is not the same.

We want to get the lead people at Yorkshire County Cricket Club in front of us and we want to ask them how they can justify not having taken action and why it is they think that those who have used this language in their club are fit to still remain in their club, and what are they going to do in the future in order to ensure that Yorkshire gets a handle on this racism problem.”

Dan Austin5 November 2021 10:26


Nike also steps away from Yorkshire

Sportswear giant Nike has also cut ties with Yorkshire in the past 24 hours over its handling of the Azeem Rafiq racism case.

The American company had been the club’s kit manufacturer since March of this year after signing a deal which was due to run until 2025, but will now be ended immediately.

“Nike will no longer be the kit supplier for Yorkshire CCC,” read a statement released by the sports clothing brand on Thursday, per the Evening Standard.

“We stand firmly against racism and discrimination of any kind.”

Dan Austin5 November 2021 10:22


Sponsors desert Yorkshire

A variety of club sponsors have cut ties with Yorkshire in the past few days, including Yorkshire Tea and Emerald Publishing.

The latter’s logo is a significant presence at the club’s Headingley Stadium, and the company said they will remove all branding from the club while calling on Yorkshire to “respond with serious action to eradicate racism”.

“We do not tolerate any form of racism or discriminatory behaviour and the damaging effects this has,” Emerald said. “Our intention remains to continue a financial commitment to the stadium itself, which is also the home of Leeds Rhinos rugby, as we believe this supports the aims of diversity and inclusion in sport along with a range of charitable community endeavours. Emerald will however no longer sponsor Yorkshire County Cricket Club.

Dan Austin5 November 2021 10:18


Yorkshire cricket chairman Roger Hutton resigns amid racism report fallout

Roger Hutton, the chairman of Yorkshire, has resigned with immediate effect over the club’s response to the racism experienced by former player Azeem Rafiq.

Hutton, who had faced intense pressure to resign over the past week, admitted Yorkshire has “experienced a culture that refuses to accept change or challenge” in a statement released on Friday morning.

He “apologised unreservedly” to Rafiq and admitted the club “should have recognised at the time the serious allegations of racism”.

Hutton’s statement preceded an emergency board meeting at Yorkshire this morning, with further resignations expected. Hutton, who joined the board in 2020 – almost two years after Rafiq left Headingley – said there had been “a constant unwillingness from the executive members of the board and senior management at the club to apologise.”

Hutton was also critical of the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), claiming the governing body had “declined to help”.

Dan Austin5 November 2021 10:11

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