WWE champ Sasha Banks calls out stunning MMA star Gina Carano for fight and vows to ‘whoop your ass too’

WWE Raw women’s champion Sasha Banks has said she wants to “whoop” former MMA star Gina Carano’s “ass”.

The shock outburst came after Carano tweeted that she fancies attending her first WWE event.

Sasha Banks is not shy at picking her fights - this time with a former MMA star


Sasha Banks is not shy at picking her fights – this time with a former MMA starCredit: WWE
Gina Carano called Banks 'one of my favourites'


Gina Carano called Banks ‘one of my favourites’

The 36-year-old cage-fighter-turned-actress retweeted a gif on Twitter that showed Shayne Baszler punching Banks in the face backstage.

The two went on to have a match on Raw, but it ended in a no-contest when Asuka attacked Bayley

Baszler, 39, is also a former MMA fighter who switched to the WWE.

Despite Carano saying that Banks and Baszler were “two of my favourites”, the former was less-than impressed.

Banks tweeted: “And just like that, I wanna whoop your ass too.

“You wouldn’t last in my universe but you’re welcome to try.”

Many fans were left confused as to why Banks kicked off with Carano.

One wrote: “I’m confused it seem like a compliment.”

Others asked why Banks “attacked” Carano on social media.

Many people believed Banks was “biting off more than she can chew” by calling out the ex-cage fighter.

Michael Shumac posted: “I’ve been a fan since I was a kid. I’ve always defended the amazing athletes.

“But if it was an actual fight, @ginacarano would win. Just like Ken Shamrock would have in the 90s.”

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