WrestleMania 36 reportedly set to be moved again from Performance Center and switched to Madison Square Garden on June 7 – The Sun

WRESTLEMANIA 36 could be on the move once again with speculation suggesting Madison Square Garden will step in to host the event.

The annual extravaganza was due to take place at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay on April 5 until the coronavirus outbreak forced it off.

 New York's MSG could now be set to host WrestleMania 36


New York’s MSG could now be set to host WrestleMania 36Credit: WWE

WWE then announced it had been switched to its Performance Center in Orlando, with it due to be broadcast being closed doors.

Now Fight Oracle, who correctly reported the return of Edge prior to the Royal Rumble among several other things, is claiming another date and location for ‘Mania is on the cards.

The Twitter account states WWE’s plan is actually to move WrestleMania to June 7 to New York’s Madison Square Garden. 

They report the reason is due to WWE’s insurance policy saying they have a duty to mitigate damages – there finding a new venue like they did with the PC would satisfy that requirement.

It is widely-believed the city of Orlando will shut down the event and that would show WWE attempted their best to move the event to mitigate the damages and then could be paid by their insurer. 

It is then at that point they will be able to move the show to June 7 at MSG – with the world’s most famous arena also benefiting after a bumper March 22 WWE live event was cancelled due to the coronavirus chaos.

Wrestling Observer Live’s Bryan Alvarez addressed reasons why WWE owner Vince McMahon delayed cancelling the show at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa for so long.

He said: “I don’t know for sure, I can’t tell you 100 per cent, but I’ve heard from more and more people very close to WWE who are telling me that the reason this thing has not been cancelled or postponed is an insurance reason.

“The city needs to prevent WrestleMania from happening for WWE to collect on an insurance policy. That is the information that I’ve been given from several people.

“I don’t know if this is true or not but these people are close to WWE and that’s what they’re saying.”

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