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Former WBA heavyweight champ David Haye has claimed Deontay Wilder came up with several unfounded excuses for his loss to Tyson Fury to hide the fact he fought with an injured right arm.

He told BT Sport: “Him making all those excuses distracts everybody from what I’ve learned was the real excuse, the real reason why he was unable to perform.

“His right arm was severely damaged in that fight. So, the Wilder that we saw in the first fight was not there in the second fight.

“I got in on good authority from someone who [knows]. I 100 per cent trust this guy.

“And he’s super confident that the Deontay Wilder getting into the ring tonight is a completely different specimen to even the first fight. In the first fight, Wilder showed the firepower.

“He just didn’t have the discipline, didn’t have the strategy to implement his right hand – which is his biggest weapon.

“And in the second fight, he didnt have it at all. So, on paper – I understand why everyone is saying this is a foregone conclusion.

“But when you look at the fact that Tyson Fury was fighting someone that was potentially [injured].

“I believe it so and tonight will be very evident if Wilder’s right hand is back intact.”

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