Tyson Fury reveals he ‘nearly broke ankle’ after knocking down Deontay Wilder & admits ‘he wasn’t all there’ in epic win

TYSON FURY stopped Deontay Wilder with a brutal eleventh round knockout in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

The Gypsy King also had Wilder down in the third and the tenth, and has claimed he nearly BROKE his ankle in doing so.

Fury's knockdown in the third was the first of five in the bout


Fury’s knockdown in the third was the first of five in the boutCredit: Getty
But The Gypsy King tripped in doing so and nearly picked up a fight-ending injury


But The Gypsy King tripped in doing so and nearly picked up a fight-ending injuryCredit: Getty

After dropping the Bronze Bomber to the canvas for the first time in the third round Fury tripped and almost fell over his huge 6ft 9in frame.

He seemed to roll his ankle nastily and was lucky not to end up on the deck next to the stricken Wilder.

And the 33-year-old has revealed the fight could have over barely before it started – but not because of a knockout blow.

Fury confessed, via iFL TV: “When I hit him with an uppercut, bang in the first [third] round, dropped him, I nearly broke my ankle.

“I went over on my ankle, my ankle’s hurt.”

Fury also went on to claim that he was far from his best in front of the 20,000 fans roaring him on at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.


The Gypsy King admitted: “Today wasn’t my greatest night. Two years out the ring, wasn’t all there completely.

“But I still did enough to be victorious and showed heart and b****s like a lion again.”

The Manchester-born fighter had to twice pick himself up from the canvas in the fourth round and dust himself off to finally put an end to Wilder’s epic resistance in the eleventh.

Wilder showed heroic courage to withstand some mind-boggling blows from Fury but the Briton finally scored the deciding blow in the penultimate round of the bout.

And despite being put down twice in the fourth, Fury insisted he was not hurt at any point.

After winning Fury was asked what was going through his head when he was floored by Wilder.

The Gypsy King replied: “Not a great deal. You going swimming and you’re going to get wet.

“He caught me, he caught me twice in the fourth round. But I was never thinking ‘oh this is over’.

“I was thinking ‘okay good shot but I will get you back in a minute’ and I did.

“I was very conscious, saw the ref go three…four, and I was always there.”

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