Tyron Woodley in twitter spat ex-MMA star Dan Hardy after Brit accused him of faking ‘I love Jake Paul’ tattoo

TYRON WOODLEY has been accused of faking his ‘I love Jake Paul’ tattoo by British ex-UFC star Dan Hardy.

The American claims to have got to inked in a bid to earn a lucrative rematch with YouTuber Paul but Hardy doesn’t believe him.

Tyron Woodley has been showing off his 'I love Jake Paul' tattoo


Tyron Woodley has been showing off his ‘I love Jake Paul’ tattooCredit: Instagram / @twooodley
But ex-UFC star Dan Hardy doesn't believe it's real


But ex-UFC star Dan Hardy doesn’t believe it’s realCredit: Getty

Woodley, 39, posted a picture of his alleged new tattoo on Twitter on Monday – and Hardy was quick to respond.

The Brit, 39, tweeted: “So you left out the ‘love’ part and it’s written in pen? Well played.

“It looks like a tattoo your friend did when you were both drunk.

“An embarrassing tattoo is one thing, but a bad embarrassing tattoo is a whole other.”

Hardy competed in UFC between 2008 and 2012, winning 25 and losing 10 of his 36 professional MMA bouts.

The retired fighter challenged once for the welterweight UFC title, losing to Canadian Georges St-Pierre in March 2010.


Hardy never did fight Woodley but the two have made up for the lost time with the American responding: “Your UFC career is embarrassing.

“Your claim to fame is you got stomped by GSP and didn’t die. Everything was by design. I’ll keep setting trends while you tweet.”

Woodley claims to have got the tattoo after he and Paul, 24, agreed the loser of their August pay-per-view scrap would get inked.

The UFC icon is keen for a rematch with the YouTuber and has accused him of being ‘scared to fight’.

Paul is yet to respond to Woodley’s alleged tattoo and claims he’ll post a video in regards to the ink on Tuesday.

Hardy later replied to Woodley again, tweeting: “You’re trending because you’ve got Jake Paul tattooed on your finger.

Woodley wants a second fight with Jake Paul


Woodley wants a second fight with Jake PaulCredit: Getty Images – Getty

“Well done. Congratulations on your championship success.

“I remember the crowds booing in appreciation as you wore your heel out against the fence, backing up and avoiding the fight.”

Woodley then replied: “Belts and titles. Things you dreamed of. They cheered as you were carried out on a stretcher.

“Champs now were in diapers last time you fought. Keep living your dream on the bag in your garage. From Outlaw to Uber driver.”

The row ended with Hardy adding: “We’re the same age, you fool.

“It’s just that I was competing in the UFC a bit earlier, during the reign of the greatest welterweight champion of all time. You came after.”

Ex-UFC star Tyron Woodley getting ‘I love Jake Paul’ tattoo to help force thorough rematch

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