“Thank you for your support”Patel

Fiji Football Association President, Rajesh Patel, has thanked the players, officials and fans who turned up fully compliant at different venues as the Digicel Premier League (DPL) resumed last weekend.

Patel is reiterating everyone to continue adhering to the covid-19 protocols in place to ensure the smooth running of the competition.

“I would like to thank the players, officials, fans, Fiji FA employees and every stakeholder who complied with our protocols and ensured we had a smooth return to play last weekend.

Patel said he was proud to say football was the first sport to be played at a competitive level.

“We started well with Digicel Futsal League Southern Zone, Digicel Lami Regional Beach Soccer and Digicel Premier League last weekend,” added Patel.

“It all began with full respect to the strict covid-19 measures in place and we at Fiji Football Association showing our support in fighting this deadly virus, we were the first sporting body in the country to introduce No Jab, No Play policy.”

Patel said there were some hiccups last weekend at the resumption of DPL.

The FIFA Council member says Fiji FA will make sure that all covid 19 prevention protocols adhere at all venues.

“There were fans who were denied entry at the gates because of not following the protocols put in place.

“Another exciting round of DPL will continue this weekend with a resumption of Digicel Women’s Super League and Digicel Senior League and request everyone who are coming to watch the games please strictly follow the protocols.

“You will not be allowed inside the premises if you are not fully vaccinated, you will have provided your photo ID with vaccination card if you are fully vaccinated, there will be no mask no entry and your care Fiji app should be activated. If no care Fiji app you will have to sign in to our registry book provided.”

Below are the stats from last weekend’s matches.
Venue: ANZ Stadium Suva- Suva 1-2 Ba
1. Attendance [Approx.] 2500
2.No or partial vaccine 5
3. Card but no ID 25
4. Refuse to wear mask 0
5. Bad behavior to staff 10
6.No care fiji app 13
Prince Charles Park – Nadi vs Rewa
Venue: Prince Charles Park Nadi 1-1 Rewa
1. Attendance [Approx.] 750
2.No or partial vaccine 2
3 Card but no ID 5
4. Refuse to wear mask 0

5.Bad behavior to staff 10

6,No care Fiji app 25

Upraising Ground Sports Center
1. Attendance [Approx.] 750
2.No or partial vaccine 0
3. Card but no ID 25
4. Refuse to wear mask 1
5. Bad behavior to staff 10
6.No care fiji app 35

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