Sowani’s passion for football grows

Ten-year-old Sowani Qalita’s passion for football forced his parents Iowane Cabenalawa and Kalara Liku to sacrifice their time and earnings to bring him three days to the Fiji FA Academy Ground in Vatuwaqa.

Sowani is one of the many kids that have joined the Fiji FA grassroots development program at the Academy.

Cabelawa said his son showed his passion for football when he was just 6 years old.

“He wants to play football and that he always tells us. So we knew about the program after visiting Fiji FA and brought him here,” said Cabelawa

“We have to sacrifice a lot of our time and money to bring him here. We just bought him a new pair of boots and he is so happy,”

“He never played football wearing boots and I am happy to see him that he enjoy the beautiful game with passion and dedication,”

“He has inspired my elder brothers sons Gabrieli and Iowane Matenisiqa who play for Rewa,” Cabelawa

“He always asks me to take him to the games where the two brothers play and he always cheers and celebrates when they score goals or when they make an attempt,”

“I am supporting him because I have seen his love for football and I can see him as a future star,”

The former Savusavu native praised Fiji Football for doing the grassroots development program for all age groups.

“I thank Fiji FA for the tremendous job they doing in developing the kids who have a love for football,”

“I think this is a great initiative by the Fiji Football Association in having such programs for kids which only will not develop them physically but will also help mentality,”

“Nowadays kids are more on cell phones and stay indoors playing games but programs as such will bring them out,”

He urged parents to always support their kids.

“If you give your time to your kids in whatever they want to achieve I am sure they will make you proud one day,” said

The Fiji FA Grassroots development program is held on Monday and Wednesday from 3.30 to 5 pm and on Saturday from 8.30 to 10 am free of charge.


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