PSG face backlash after coach jokes about team’s private jet usage

Kylian Mbappé and PSG coach have sparked a heated debate in France for their sarcastic response to a journalist’s question about footballers’ trips on private jets.

Asked about the choice of taking the plane rather than the train to go to Nantes over the weekend, the Parisian coach chose irony over sensibility. Nantes is only two hours from the French capital along France’s TGV trains.

“This morning, we discussed with the company with which we sort our travel to know if we could not travel by land sailing,” Galtier responded at a press conference on Monday.

The journalist of LCI was referring to a tweet posted by an executive of the SNCF which questioned PSG following a video posted by a Parisian player in a plane:

Sports Minister Amélie Oudéa- Castérafired back in a tweet, saying she was used to more responsible answers from Mr Galtier. 

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo joined the criticism of Galtier, urging the soccer club’s officials to “wake up” while politicians from across the spectrum called for a more serious approach to the issue.

And It’s not PSG who is under the cosh. PSG’s Lionel Messi was criticised for his private air travel usage, making 52 flights from June to August, according to French activist organisation Attac.

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