Police respond after NFL player fires gun in house and posts disturbing videos

NFL footballer Everson Griffin is now safe and “getting the care he needs” after posting an alarming series of videos on Instagram claiming an intruder was trying to kill him, his team the Minnesota Vikings said.

A press release by Minnetrista police department released on Wednesday said that law enforcement officials went into the 33-year-old defensive end’s home after Griffin dialled 911 around 3am and said someone was inside his house and he needed help from the police.

Griffin also said that he had fired a weapon but that no one was injured. When police officers reached the player’s home, they could not locate an intruder.

In a statement, the Minnesota Vikings said that “law enforcement agencies have notified us that Everson Griffin has come out of his home without incident and is now getting the care that he needs.”

The team said that the focus remains on “Everson’s health and safety and providing proper resources for him and his family.”

At a press conference, general manager Rick Spielman said, “I want to thank the law enforcement and how they handled the situation in such a professional manner, along with our mental health team.”

“I know he is receiving the care and support he needs along with his family,” Mr Spielman added.

Police spent most of Wednesday trying alongside psychologists from the Minnesota Vikings to communicate with Griffin, who refused to come out of his home.

Prior to calling 911, Griffin had posted a series of videos on his Instagram stories, claiming that someone was in his house and that he needed help.

In one of the videos, Griffin can be seen holding a gun in his hand and saying, “I’m in my house. N***** trying to pop me, I’ve still got clips left. This is my gun, .45 Wilson Combat, registered to me. I bought all my bullets around town. Dalvin Cook helped me purchase this gun. It all belongs to me, and they are registered to me. I know exactly where I bought them. I’ve got the card I have them on. I have everything.”

Cook later told the media that he did not know why Griffin had mentioned him in his video but that he had called and texted to check in on him earlier in the day, but got no response, reported ABC News.

Griffin also posted stories saying someone is in his house and he needs help. He also added screenshots asking for help in messages to his agent Brian Murphy.

All the posts and stories have now been deleted from his account.

In 2018, Griffin took a month off during the season to focus on his mental health after two incidents involving the police led him to be hospitalised. The team had then suggested that he undergo a mental health evaluation.

In April 2019 he had referred to his mental health and said that he had a “rough year”.

The team said on Wednesday that it is not sure about his status for Minnesota’s Week 12 game at San Francisco.

“No, that’s really not our concern right now,” said Vikings coach Mike Zimmer. “It’s really about him.”

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