Pogba backed to STAY at United, Cristiano Ronaldo scores again for Portugal, Shaw backs Sancho


Manchester United lack a plan and identity under manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

That is according to Netherlands assistant manager Danny Blind, who criticised Solskjaer’s coaching as he has led United to a mere two wins in six matches across all competitions.

Blind said: “What is the identity of this team? What is his plan? It is exactly that what is missing with Solskjaer.

“There is not a tactical plan. His team are not able to put pressure on their opponents like Manchester City.

“It does not always have to be full pressing, but we don’t see any of it – everything in the United team is based on the individual qualities of players.

“They have those qualities and it often gets a result for the team. But it is never a team result.

“It has not been looking good in a number of matches. United struggle to be ­dominant – that is the whole problem.

“After they took the lead against Everton, they started to wait for them in their own half.

“They want to score on the counter, but that is not good enough for a club like Manchester United.

“The next thing that you see is how they struggle to turn the game around when Everton equalised. They hardly created any chances.

“The results are not good. They lost against Young Boys, against West Ham in the cup, against Aston Villa and they were lucky against Villarreal because of [Cristiano] Ronaldo’s quality.

“Against Everton, ­another draw. And they only just got away with that result. It has to improve and it can improve.”

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