Philip Rivers’s Five Most Likely Landing Spots

If you looked around at the great lengths some franchises have gone to remind you that a really good quarterback has played there, Monday’s unceremonious breakup between Philip Rivers and the Chargers is the equivalent of a floppy office sheet cake that was purchased at the last minute and featured the wrong spelling of Philip (Phillip, Philippe?)

That said, Rivers is free from the grips of a franchise that was never quite sure what it wanted (even if Rivers’s last head coach, Anthony Lynn, did an admirable job maximizing his final years in Southern California). He can leave for a team that is 100 percent sure they can win with Rivers. This is a fascinating offseason for quarterback movement, and the 38-year-old Rivers is a solid fit for ready-to-win rosters and good-but-also-may-be-drafting-a-rookie-to-groom rosters. Where will he land? Let’s take a few guesses …

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