Patel congratulates Vaurasi on FIFA Appointment

The Fiji Football Association (Fiji FA) President, Mr. Rajesh Patel, extends his sincerest congratulations to Ms. Laurel Vaurasi on her appointment to the FIFA Football Tribunal in the Dispute Resolution Chamber (DRC).

Vaurasi is a member of the Fiji FA Appeals Committee who was elected in the 82nd Ordinary Congress in Lautoka last year.

The DRC is FIFA’s deciding body that provides arbitration and dispute resolution on the basis of equal representation of players and clubs and an independent chairman.

According to Article 54 of the FIFA Statutes, the Football Tribunal shall pass decisions relating to football-related disputes and regulatory applications. The Football Tribunal is composed by three chambers and one of which is the DRC.

Patel said Vaurasi’s appointment in the world’s governing body of football was a great accomplishment of not just Fiji FA, but Fiji as a whole.

“It’s a great news we received this morning and my heartfelt congratulations to Laurel for such an esteemed appointment,” Patel said.

“The DRC, which divided into Player and Club representatives, consists of 33 members including a chairperson and two deputy chairpersons. Laurel has been appointed under Club representatives.

“As a member of the FIFA Council, I understand how challenging and interesting this will be and I wish her all the best for her journey.”

Vaurasi is the Principal and Founder of Shekinah Law.

She is the first female President of the Fiji Law Society, a position she held for four years (2016 to 2020), including as Vice President (2007 to 2009; 2014 to 2015).

Fiji FA’s nomination for Vaurasi was unanimously endorsed by the 11 Oceania member countries.

Vaurasi thanked Fiji FA and President Patel for having confidence in nominating her.

“It really is an honour and a privilege to be appointed to the FIFA Football Tribunal,” Vaurasi responded.

“This would not have been possible without the nomination of Fiji Football and I would like to appreciate the confidence of President Mr Rajesh Patel.

“The invaluable experience gained as a member of the Fiji Football Association’s Appeal Committee will no doubt assist me in my term.

“Under the President’s leadership, we have seen an increase in women in football including women referees and Executive Board membership. Hopefully this FIFA appointment will encourage other women to take up more leadership roles in football and not just limit their involvement to the field.”

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