Ofafa Jericho, Upper Hill earn Nairobi ticket to KSSSA School 7s

Ofafa Jericho High School and Upper Hill will represent Nairobi at the KSSSA National Schools 7s in Nakuru from 8-10 September. They defeated Upper Hill School 7-5 in a close final at the Lenana School on Sunday 28 August 2022.

The two sides set up their final clash after emerging from closely contested semifinals, Ofafa defeating Nairobi School 12-5 as Upper Hill edged Dagoretti School 17-14.

Nairobi School finished third with a 7-5 victory over Dagoretti as hosts Lenana settled for fifth with a 21-0 victory over Jamhuri.

Collated Results
Lenana 15-5 Jamhuri
Nairobi School 38-0 Our Lady of Fatima
Garden Estate 5-5 Langata
Sunshine 0-22 Kibra
Ofafa Jericho 24-0 Hospital Hill
Aquinas 15-0 Kangemi
Dagoretti 28-0 Eastleigh
Upper Hill 27-0 St Mary’s
Lenana 22-0 Langata
Nairobi Sch 17-5 Kibra
Garden 0-42 Jamhuri
Sunshine 12-7 Our Lady of Fatima
Ofafa Jericho 41-0 Eastleigh
Aquinas 21-12 St Mary’s
Dagoretti 17-0 Hospital Hill
Upper Hill 29-0 Kangemi
Langata 5-29 Jamhuri
Kibra 12-5 Our Lady of Fatima
Lenana 34-0 Garden Estate
Nairobi Sch 34-7 Sunshine
Eastleigh 5-44 Hospital hill
St Mary’s 5-17 Kangemi
Ofafa Jericho 28-14 Dagoretti
Aquinas 07-27 Upperhill

9th place playoffs
Hospital Hill 28-0 Garden estate
Sunshine 28-0 St Mary’s

Cup Quarters
Lenana 12-14 Dagoretti
Upper Hill 28-0 Kibra
Ofafa Jericho 15-10 Jamhuri
Nairobi Sch 14-0 Aquinas

9th place semis
Hospital 36-0 Sunshine
Langata 7-5 Kangemi

5th place semis
Lenana 28-0 Kibra
Aquinas 0-33 Jamhuri

Cup semis
Dagoretti 14-17 Upperhill
Nairobi Sch 5-12 Ofafa Jericho

9th place final
Hospital Hill 15-0 Langata

5th place final
Lenana 21-0 Jamhuri

3rd place playoff
Dagoretti 5-7 Nairobi

Cup Final
Upper Hill 5-7 Ofafa Jericho

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