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The Fiji Football has set up new regulations on the transfer of minor and women footballers.

Fiji FA competitions manager Amitesh Pal says the transfer of minors and women footballers will now be subject to certain conditions.

“We will not accept the transfer of players who are under the age of 18 unless the player and his family moves to another district or for academic reasons,” said Pal

“And for women footballers we will only have one transfer window for the season and they can take their transfer once a year if they interested,”

Pal says Fiji Football is on a quest to implement FIFA guidelines locally.

“The players at the age of 18 and below you know they are minor players, they are under the control of their parents or guardians they are not exploited by districts”

Pal says this will help develop each player in a proper manner.

“At the moment they are at that young age where they should be concentrating on their level of competition only for the progress after 18 then will be developed to play in other levels of competition”

The pre-season transfer window opened on January 1 and will close at the end of the month.

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