NBA trade deadline: Biggest winners and losers

We are officially one NBA trade deadline closer to a climate-related apocalypse. Despite expectations for a mundane deadline, the Association saw a bevy of moves Thursday. Some trades were actually big—D’Angelo Russell for Andrew Wiggins!—while others were hardly worthy of bomb status—James Ennis to the Magic? We’re not going to run through every trade right now, but we are going to run through some WINNERS and LOSERS. Let’s hit it.

Winner: Clippers

After Andre Iguodala was taken off the board, Marcus Morris quickly became the apple of Los Angeles’s eye. The Clips outbid the Lakers in the sweepstakes with a fairly underwhelming offer, acquiring Morris for a back-of-the-first-round draft pick and some glorified salary fodder. Not only do the Clippers get a versatile forward who can shoot from outside and defend multiple positions, they keep that exact kind of player away from the Lakers. The Clips are already 2–0 against their intracity rival, are 2nd in the West despite treating the regular season like a 82-game scrimmage, and they probably have the most depth of any team in the league. Not bad!

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