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Fiji Football Association’s mid-season player transfer window opened last week and will end on July 14.

Fiji FA player registration and transfer manager Rohitesh Narayan confirmed that the transfer window will be only for 14 days..

Narayan said players and districts are advised to strictly follow the procedures for seeking and arranging transfers.

“The application process remains the same but the window will be only for 14 days.

“This was a decision made by the Fiji Football Association and we request districts and players to follow proper procedures for seeking and arranging transfers.”

“The requirements for the process are original district transfer certificate duly approved and also signed by the district’s president and secretary and accompanied by a duly completed player license form also signed by the player and the district officials.”

“All necessary documents must be submitted within the timeframe. Applications received on the last day of the transfer period will lapse after seven days if all the documents are not received on time.”

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