Meet the star- Sairusi Nalaubu

Name: Sairusi Nalaubu

Nick Name: Sai

Occupation: police officer

Date of Birth: 14/12/96

Hobbies: playing football, listening to music, spending time with family

Playing Position: striker

Originally from: Macuata,Korotubu,Tabia,Labasa.

Height: 185

Weight: 74.5kg

Which Primary School did you attended and year? Visama sanatan primary school 2005,2012

Which secondary school did you attended? Gospel high school

Did you play for your school at primary level: NO

Did you play for your school at secondary level: if yes which tournaments? Yes, IDC for secondary school

Which district do you play for Lautoka FC

Debut district team: Suva FC

Who is your favorite player local and why? Setareki Cavuilagi

Who is your favorite player international and why? Christiano, Because I like the way he scores.

Your best moment in football: winning Fiji fact in 2017 with Rewa,2020 with Suva, league titles back to back.

Your worst moment in football: 2018 was not able to play in the league due to a serious injury.

Who is your toughest opponent? Remueru.

What advice you will give to young footballers: listening to ur parents and be humble in everything u do and also believe in our self’s

What is your favorite drink? Water, coffee, apple juice.

What is your favorite food? Chicken curry, lovo

What is your favorite music? Listening to Hillsong gospel music

Who is your best actress? The Rock

Who is your best actor? Michael Jordan Rubberman man ( tuivuna)

Who is your best buddy? Setareki Cavulagi don’t mind two different persons but one ID

Who inspires you? My parents Mostly my wife & my daughter.

Who’s your most annoying teammate and why? Remueru,Cavuilagi Tuivuna, Waranivalu the annoying ones

What’s the proudest moment in your football career? Representing Fiji team at the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers in Qatar 🇶🇦

What made you play the position you are playing?Because I like Scoring

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