Max Verstappen loving F1 world title fight against Lewis Hamilton because Red Bull star fears it may never happen again

MAX VERSTAPPEN is loving his title fight with Lewis Hamilton – because he is not too sure if it will happen again

Next year’s new rule changes promise to open up the field and increase competition, meaning that no driver will be able to take a championship for granted.

Verstappen extended his championship lead to 19 points after his victory at the Mexican Grand Prix


Verstappen extended his championship lead to 19 points after his victory at the Mexican Grand PrixCredit: AP

Verstappen, who leads Hamilton by 19 points with four races to go, made his F1 debut in 2015 with Toro Rosso.

And while he has been able to fight for wins at Red Bull, this is his first ever crack at winning the F1 title.

Having a more competitive car is “the best there is,” said Verstappen.

He added “Otherwise, it’s pretty depressing, if you know that you can’t win. Of course you know when you get to Formula One, you have to accept it.

“This is how Formula One is. Normally there’s only one or two teams that can fight for a championship.

“But you hope that one day you get into a car where you can win, right? And as soon as you get into that car, it is very enjoyable.

“You’re happy, because how many times will you have this opportunity? You don’t know, maybe from next year onwards, you never get that opportunity again.

“So I’m just really enjoying the moment.”

Verstappen has won nine races this season compared to Hamilton‘s five victories but says the only thing that matters is securing the title.

He added: “The only winner is the one who finishes on top. It doesn’t matter how many races you win.

“So far I have had a great season. I’ve had a lot of wins, nice pole positions and exactly whatever happens at the end, it’s not going to change my life, I’ve said it many times. I’m just enjoying what I’m doing.

“Of course, I will try to win the championship and we are looking good. But I also said a lot of things can happen.”

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