March Madness 2020: First bracket shows diverse group, ACC down

Five quick takeaways from the NCAA Tournament selection committee’s early Top 16 seeding reveal Saturday:

1. This is a diverse group, emblematic of a parity-driven season.

Nine leagues are represented, including three that would be considered mid-major: the West Coast Conference (Gonzaga), Mountain West (San Diego State) and Atlantic 10 (Dayton). Only six leagues were represented in the top 16 seeds when the actual 2019 bracket came out.

No conference has more than three of the top 16 seeds, with the Big 12, Atlantic Coast and Big East conferences all getting a trio of spots. The Big Ten, for all its depth and the prospect of as many as a dozen teams landing NCAA bids, is not dominant at the top. Only two teams are in the top 16 (Maryland and Michigan State), and both of them are No. 3 seeds at present.

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