MAQB: Chiefs’ Tyrann Mathieu, Frank Clark on Andy Reid

MIAMI TO BOSTON — Putting a bow on Super Bowl LIV …

• In MMQB, I detailed the texts I got from Ravens coach John Harbaugh, Redskins coach Ron Rivera, Bills coach Sean McDermott and Bears coach Matt Nagy about their old boss Andy Reid winning a Super Bowl title. While in the Chiefs’ locker room, I showed them to some of the players, to show them just how far-reaching the whole “win it for Andy” thing was.

Not surprisingly, they weren’t surprised.

“He’s such a good guy, he’s such a good coach,” Tyrann Mathieu said, after getting a good look at the texts. “He gives us our space, he lets us be ourselves. We have a lot of personality in this locker room. We got a lot of personality in this locker room. He lets us believe in that. Hats off to him. He does a lot not only for the players but the coaches as well. He’s created this coaching tree. We’re proud all the way around.”

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