Man Utd news LIVE: United ‘in contact with Zidane after Ronaldo recommends him to replace Solskjaer’


Manchester United stars reckon Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s future hinges on the next two games.

United have been briefing that Solskjaer’s position is safe and club bosses still believe he is the man to take them forward despite a poor run of results.

But some players view Wednesday’s Champions League clash with Atalanta and Sunday’s Premier League showdown with Liverpool as crucial to the future of the manager.

A source told SunSport: “Some of the players think Solskjaer has two games and that if United don’t win these two games, he could leave.

“They’re such important matches for the club in the Champions League and Premier League.

“It is a bad situation at the moment. It’s hard to see a big future for Solskjaer if United don’t win these games.”

Despite the constant speculation surrounding his future, Solskjaer remains confident he has the backing of his Manchester United bosses and insists he is in constant communication with those above him.

Speaking ahead of United’s Champions League clash against Atalanta on Wednesday, he said: “There’s pressure all of the time, there’s pressure on me, of course.

“We’ve been under pressure before but come through it. I’m just looking forward to the response now and, as you said, I’m in dialogue with the club all of the time, so that’s an open and honest discussion.

“After every game, we look through the game, we analyse the game, we look at what we did well and what we didn’t do well. You move on quickly to the next opponent.”

And finally, Super League rebels have drafted a new plan – for a 40-club breakaway.

Despite the bail-out by the six Premier League clubs involved, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus are still refusing to give up on their plot.

And their latest plan, being sent to stakeholders across Europe, shows a desperate effort to restore life to the fading scheme.

Under the draft, Super League insists it will not be a ‘breakaway’ or even a closed shop. Instead, it envisages two leagues of 20 clubs.

Clubs that qualify for the competition would be ‘shareholders’ for the year, following the model of the Prem and other major leagues and liable to relegation out of it.

In a sop to those who criticised the clubs for their greed in joining the initial £4.6bn venture, Super League is now claiming it is in favour of tight cost controls and accusing Uefa and President Aleksander Ceferin of abandoning efforts to make clubs live within their means by the planned changes to its Financial Fair Play regulations.

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