Lewis Hamilton picks his dog as ideal passenger, reveals love of Smart cars and his hopes for a diverse future in F1

LEWIS HAMILTON has revealed that he has gone electric with a newfound love of Smart cars.

The Formula One world champion has taken up an increasingly green mantra in recent years despite previously thinking he would always remain a petrolhead.

Lewis Hamilton has gone electric while not racing his F1 car


Lewis Hamilton has gone electric while not racing his F1 carCredit: Getty – Pool
The Mercedes star criticised F1 for its Hungarian GP anti-racism display and wants a more diverse sport in the future


The Mercedes star criticised F1 for its Hungarian GP anti-racism display and wants a more diverse sport in the futureCredit: AP:Associated Press

In discussion with his championship-winning team Mercedes, the Brit opened up on why he changed his mind.

And Hamilton also named his ideal passenger in the Q&A and spoke on his hopes for more diversity in F1.

If you weren’t a Formula One driver, what would you be instead?

It’s a difficult one. Probably… in a band.

What instrument?


Many people talk about sustainability these days. What does it mean to you?

Sustainability is the future. And it’s the only way that we’re going to be able to save this planet. So it is something that people need to get their minds around, that people need to embrace – companies particularly – but also each of us individually, in our household and in our daily lives.

What gives you hope about the world today?

People. Ultimately, everyone has their own opinion and there are those that are less willing to change. And then I see a lot more positivity out there of people willing to change their mindsets.

Electric cars or petrol cars?

That’s a good question. I was growing up in the petrol era. I’d been one of those people who were kind of thinking ‘I’m never going to drive an electric car’.

And now I have the EQC and I have an electric Smart car, which I love and I only drive those cars now. All of us have to make adjustments in our mind. I’ve just been more open minded and now I love it so much, that I’m changing all my cars to electric. And the great thing is it has a positive impact on the environment.

You’re going on a five-hour drive. Who do you want in the passenger seat?


That’s your dog, right? Sounds relaxed. Speaking of that: How can you best relax?

I think I’m most relaxed when I’ve got my feet up, got Roscoe next to me. Watching TV, watching a movie with some sort of sweets. [Laughs.] Actually probably even more so is being around family. Not even having to talk, but just being around family. That for me is super relaxing.

You like social media because….

It’s the bridge between my fans and I.

What was your first thought when you saw the new all-black livery for the Silver Arrows?

I’m just so proud of my team for being open-minded, for shifting. Ultimately, we all have to get out of the way of ourselves in order to allow change.

How do you picture Formula One ten years from now?

It will hopefully be much more inclusive, a much more diverse sight for people when they’re watching. When young kids can watch, no matter what their background is and say ‘I can get there, because there is someone that looks like me there.

It seems to be very, very open and obviously the sport is supportive of inclusion and diversity’. So I am hoping to see a lot more women involved, I am hoping to see more people of color.

Hamilton is often accompanied by his dog Roscoe


Hamilton is often accompanied by his dog RoscoeCredit: BVA
Smart cars, owned by Mercedes, are Hamilton's choice for electric motoring


Smart cars, owned by Mercedes, are Hamilton’s choice for electric motoring

What makes you laugh?

Comedies, Eddie Murphy… I love watching movies. Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Will Ferrell. My uncle Terry. My brother. I think they are probably the people that make me laugh the most.

And what frightens you?

Spiders. Tarantulas. The thought of a tarantula. I couldn’t get near one of them. No.

What does “winning” mean to you?

Winning is a kind of validation for all the hard work you put in.

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