Lami coaches upgrade in Futsal

The Lami futsal clubs will now have qualified coaches after twenty club coaches from the Lami Regional Futsal Clubs participated in a three days senior futsal coaching course at Fiji FA Headquarters in Vatuwaqa last weekend.

OFC futsal coach educator Mira Saheb said the main objective was to broaden the mind of these coaches with the knowledge of the game.

“The course has been very informative and the learning environment has been very good. The coaches have been cooperating well with course, “said Sahib

Mira said there was a bright future in futsal in the country.

“It’s a very historic time for us to have a regional coaching course. This is the first time we are conducting a coaching course for the regional club coaches,”

“This was their first step in their coaching pathway and from these coaches will implement their knowledge in their clubs, “said former national futsal rep

Sahib said the course helped the coaches in terms of the organization of their teams.

“The coaches are equipped with the knowledge of the coaching process, like how to plan, prepare and conduct the training sessions.”

‘From here once they attain their certificates so the next step on the new OFC convention is the C License Course,”

The former Fiji FA Futsal Development Officer added that this was the first time twenty regional coaches have been qualified with a senior license coaching certificate.

“At participation level, there is more number of players so if we look at the primid the performance level where the district comes in so the cream of the participation level that is the district team and the cream of the performance will go to the high-level performance that is the national team, “said Sahib

‘So if we have lots of coaches at the participation level for sure our national team will do very well, “said Sahib

He confirmed that a similar course will be conducted around the country.

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