Labasa keeps football league hopes alive

The Labasa football side has kept its hope alive to finish second on the Digicel Premier League points table after earning four points last weekend.

The side held Lautoka to a 1-all draw on Friday night and defeated Suva 1-0 at ANZ Stadium in Suva on Sunday.

The Babasiqa Lions have two matches in hand. They will face Ba and Lautoka this weekend.

The Ravneel Pratap coached side sits on fourth spot in the DPL points table with 19 points.

Pratap praised the effort of his players.

“Hats off to my boys. I think playing two games was really tough and we travel away from our families and we play two games here against two very good sides and taking four points back is a lot for us, “said Pratap

“It means a lot for the team, officials and people back at home,”

“I think it is a good thing we had taken four points out of six we had and credit goes to the boys and I really feel for them as they played like a real Lion as they were injured but they played their hearts out,”

Pratap says they will have another two tough matches next weekend.

“Another two tough matches and we will go back iron out our mistakes and prepare well to finish second on the points table, “said Pratap

“Ba and Lautoka both are strong teams and will aim to finish the season on a high note but we will do our best in both games,”

“It all depends how we prepare because it’s going to be a tough match so we have to be 100 percent prepared,”

Suva coach Babs Khan said they lacked finishing.

“Football is about scoring and if you don’t score you don’t win as we have seen we missed a lot of opportunities in the game,”

Suva sits on third place with 20 points and will face Ba this weekend.

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