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Kajal Karishma Prasad is looking forward to making a major step in her career as a football referee with the hope that she will be an inspiration for females in the country who want to take similar steps in sports.

The 20-year-old wanted to become a football player as a young girl, but she was inspired by some of the referees, so she turned to refereeing.

“I used to come to the academy to train football with Nasinu team and I saw how the referees were trained with the laws of the game practically which caught my eyes, “Prasad said

“The way they were running and doing the signals in the game, got inspired and decided to take on refereeing,”

“Refereeing has just become a passion of mine, “

“I joined referee training and the referee’s director Rakesh Varman was always there for me to give me advice. I was scared to do it, but the encouragement from other referees made me what I am today,”

“I went through the workshops and learned the laws of the game and now I have been in the panel as an assistant referee,”

The second-year law student at the University of the South Pacific said she had to face some challenges before taking up refereeing.

“My parents were hesitant to allow me to do refereeing but I persuaded them and they allowed me to train and become a referee,”

“I had to plan my days well with my studies. I also part-time work and I have to sacrifice my time a lot and I am proud today that I have achieved what I wanted to become,” said Prasad

Her goal is to one day become an accredited FIFA referee.

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