Jack Grealish ‘asks’ Dear Deidre for help over his girlfriend merry-go-round dilemma & her frank advice is priceless

IT’S been quite a week for football’s latest superstud, Jack Grealish.

Jack the Lad has been desperately trying to keep a hat-trick of glamorous beauties onside.

With help from Deidre's iconic casebook, we take a tongue-in-cheek look at Jack Grealish's dating dilemmas (pictured here with on-off girlfriend Sasha)


With help from Deidre’s iconic casebook, we take a tongue-in-cheek look at Jack Grealish’s dating dilemmas (pictured here with on-off girlfriend Sasha)Credit: Splash

As The Sun revealed, the £100 million Manchester City ace has been on secret dates with telly star Emily Atack AND Love Island beauty Amber Gill.

Meanwhile the 26-year-old is still assumed to be with his on/off girlfriend of a decade, model Sasha Attwood, 25.

On Saturday, we told how Jack has been texting Inbetweeners’ actress Emily, 31, since September and speaking to her daily.

The pair have reportedly met at her London home and a Manchester hotel.

But on Wednesday we revealed how livid Sasha gave him an ultimatium: It’s me or Emily!

Poor old Jack hardly had time to explain before it emerged that he has also been seeing ANOTHER woman – Love Island winner Amber, 24, for the last few months.

She told a pal: “I really thought there was something between us.”

Good grief. What a pickle for the Alice band aficiando!

Surely there is only one person who can help?

Step forward The Sun’s agony aunt, Dear Deidre.

Here, with help from her iconic casebook, we take a tongue-in-cheek look at Jack’s dating dilemmas.

And while Jack’s letter is probably already in the post, we give him a helping hand by imagining what he would write to the nation’s favourite problem-solver.

DEAR DEIDRE: I HAVE a problem I think only you can tackle.

I’m 26 and having the time of my life after playing for England at the Euros and signing to a new club.

People reckon I’m the new David Beckham, with the looks and flowing locks to match. I’ve even got myself a modelling gig and clothes range.

I’m a fun-loving guy, always a big hit with the crowd and I’m very popular with the ladies. Transfers I can do, but right now, I’m finding it hard to pick just one side.

I’ve got three special fans in my life and it’s proving tricky to keepy up with them all.

Now they’ve discovered my tactics and let’s just say, the locker room dressings down I’ve had from them could rival any manager. I don’t want to have to choose between them but I’m worried they might each give me the red card.

Do you have any advice on how this player can keep scoring?

Love Jack x

DEAR JACK: THERE is no harm in having regular warm ups with different partners as long as you are having safe sex and being honest with everyone.

Fair play is all about letting those you are involved with know if you’re only after a little practise session –  rather than a committed partnership.

So don’t be tempted to lie if you don’t want anything more – otherwise you truly deserve to be sent off.

Judging by your letter it sounds like you would do well to learn a bit of ball control. I’m sending you my support pack Can’t Be Faithful which will give you more insight into your behaviour.

Please do write again to deardeidre@the-sun.co.uk for a personal answer from one of my counselling team.

Love Deidre x


Emily Atack to be confronted by Love Island’s Amber Gill who claims to be dating Jack Grealish too

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