How To Find The Best Online Football Betting Sites

Football is the biggest sport in the US. This is also true when it comes to sports betting. This year, Americans spent $8 billion on Super Bowl LVI bets, according to CBS Sports. It was nearly double the $4.3 billion spent in last year’s SB.

To expound more, sports betting has increased tremendously since the Supreme Court struck off PASPA in 2018. More than 30 states permit sports gambling while over a dozen others are considering it.

If you love betting on football, you probably want to find a good sportsbook before the new NFL season begins in September. Also, finding a good bookmaker today could help you wager on the Canadian Football League while it’s still ongoing. But how do you find the best online football betting sites?

Check out Betting Review Sites

Betting review sites do the heavy lifting of comparing sportsbooks. They do all the research work you should do before choosing a betting app. Then they rank these bookmakers so that all you do is to pick the right app for you.

The Internet is jam-packed with betting review sites. Check a few of the most well-known sites to discover their recommended NFL betting sites. Ensure you take time to read comprehensive reviews of every recommended sportsbook.

Learn why a review site believes BetNow is better than Betway or the vice versa. Is it due to mobile support, bonuses or odds? Read more reviews to discover additional information the first review site might have omitted.

Look at Security Features

There are certain things you don’t want to miss in a betting site. First, look for a valid license. If you live in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, you will find plenty of bookmakers licensed by NJ and PA.

In some states, however, your best option is to use an offshore bookmaker. That means you want to look for a license from Malta, Curacao, Costa Rica or Panama. Licensing aside, ensure a site encrypts your data through SSL.

SSL websites have a locked padlock sign on their address bars. If you click the padlock sign, a pop-up message will appear confirming that the site is safe. Another important check is a confirmation that the bookmaker accepts players from the US.

If a betting site doesn’t accept American players, don’t waste your time trying to pretend to be an American. If they find out you’re from the US, they could shut down your account and keep your money.

Shop Around

There are tons of football betting sites online. Shop around to compare the unique features in different sportsbooks. Obviously, every bookmaker you compare needs to provide betting markets for the NFL, the CFL and college football.

More importantly, compare payment methods, bonuses, odds, live betting and streaming options. Also, look at the web design and mobile support. In other words, you want to pick the best sportsbook from a long list of worthy sites.

Ultimately, the betting site you choose should depend on your priorities. If you want a bookie with lots of bonuses, then make free bets your priority. If you care more about the quality odds, get prepared to join a site that might not be so generous with bonuses but has good odds.

Consider Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses help you increase your betting profits and reduce your losses. As such, they are of huge benefit to gamblers. This doesn’t mean you should claim every betting bonus out there, though.

To some betting sites, bonuses are tools to lure gamblers to their websites. These sportsbooks might have free bets with unfair terms. Or they might offer terrible services overall.

Owing to that backdrop, football bonuses aren’t created equal. If you want to find a good betting site, look at the terms that come with a sportsbook’s betting promotions.

Let’s start with wager requirements. They range between 1x to 10x your bet amount. Choose bonuses with the least wager terms. This helps minimize the amount of money you must spend before you withdraw your bonus profits.

Also, look at the odds requirements, withdrawal limits, bonus validity time and the bonus amount. What’s more, look for bookies with plenty of bonuses.

Test Betting Sites

Earlier on, we mentioned that it is a good decision to shop around for betting sites. It is also important to test a betting site before you commit a lot of your time and money on it.

Now that we’ve already talked about bonuses, you don’t have to link your credit card to a site to test its services. Find a site with a no deposit betting bonus. Use it to learn how a sportsbook works.

More importantly, focus on the technical side of a betting site or app. Does the site crash when you try to place a bet? How long does it take you to place a parlay bet of four or more predictions?

If you don’t have the time to test websites, ensure you read a lot of reviews. Read reviews from both the experts and actual bettors. Learn from their experience.

Live and Mobile Betting

Live betting allows you to predict football games while they are ongoing. It is more exciting than pre-match betting. It is also a little bit more profitable, although this depends on the exact type you bet and the prediction you make.

Live betting also requires that you watch games you want to bet on. This way, you can predict when a team is about to complete a touchdown and bet on it. Also, you can discover when to cash out your profits because a game is about to get one sided.

On the other hand, mobile betting is the future of the industry. More than half of the US prefer to bet through their smartphones. If you share similar thoughts, ensure you find a football sportsbook with mobile support.

Your Turn

There you have it—a short guide for finding a reliable football betting site. If you want to save time, read reviews and find recommendations of sportsbook review sites. If you have the time, though, compare loads of bookmakers to ensure they have the features you want.

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