Futsal referees course in Savusavu

Fourteen newcomers in futsal refereeing will be introduced this weekend in Savusavu.

A day two futsal referees course will be held at the Hot Spring Hotel in Savusavu this Friday and Saturday.

The two-day course was to develop futsal referees in the country as Fiji FA commits to developing futsal in Fiji.

Fiji FA/OFC futsal referees instructor Jainud Dean says there has been huge interest in the futsal game.

“The main objective is to develop more cadet referees for futsal because the game is growing up and we have a shortage of futsal referees, “said Dean

“This course is really going to boost the morale for the participants from Savusavu as they will soon start their Regional Futsal League and will add numbers to the futsal refereeing.”

He says all the participants are new but have a passion for the game of futsal.

“We all new faces in the course who were are eager to take on the challenge of refereeing futsal,”

“They will undertake a test on futsal’s laws, and will be given insights into areas such as consistent application of the laws, visual ability, and movement, positioning, and signaling.”

Dean said fitness was a key element at the two-day course, given that futsal referees require attributes such as speed to keep up with play, and agility to be able to change direction.

“The participants will also go through a practical session with two teams playing the game of futsal.”

Participants List

Mohammed Riyaz Ali

Ajesh Prasad

Kaari Rashad Khan

Ashish Ashok

Rashnil Prasad

Yaten Lal

Sumeet Chandan

Chetan Sharma

Kashnil Kavitesh Prasad

Mohammed Naseeb Ali

Divil Ram

Navneel Prasad

Salamat Ali

Kashmir Singh

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