Fiji to face England in Sydney 7s semi-final

The Fiji men’s team turned the tables around at the Sydney 7s when they forced their way into the semifinals after thrashing Wales 55-0 .

Fiji will meet England in the second semi-final at 5:42pm today.

Waisea Nacuqu scored straight after the kickoff with a brilliant individual try to give Fiji a 7-0 lead.

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Fiji increased their lead through Aminiasi Tuimaba for a 14-0 scoreline.

Tuimaba scored his second in the corner to give Fiji a comfortable 19-0 lead.

Fiji captain Meli Derenalagi scored under the posts after a brilliant play from Tuimaba to give Fiji a 26-0 lead as Tuwai scored the final try before the breather for a 31-0 scoreline.

Fiji kicked off the second half from where they left in the first half as Napolioni Ratu scored just after 40 seconds to give Fiji a 38-0 lead.

Asaeli Tuivoka came in the second half and made his presence felt after he scored a try in the corner to take the scores to 43-0 before Alasio Naduva made it 50-0 and Livai Ikanikoda scored the final try of the match to take the final scores to 55-0.

Fiji Co-Captain Meli Derenalagi says this type of play was something that they had already planned.

“Yeah, first of all, we were preparing for these two tournaments but I thank the boys for their mindset. Putting it on to the game where we left off from last week but we came out here hardly to make the win.

The fan support has been huge and has had a very positive impact on the boys’ performance.

Derenalagi has also praised the teamwork.

“It’s just like I have said before, it’s how we know each other it’s like a brotherhood bond where we know what our teammate play like and how he does on the field so it’s like a feel-good for us.” 

Meanwhile, England defeated Canada 26-14 to top Pool D and secure a semi-final spot.

In the first semifinal, South Africa will take on USA at 5:20pm.

South Africa was the first team to qualify for the semifinals after they won both their pool matches on Day one.

Blitzboks defeated Samoa 36-0 in their final pool match to top Pool B.

USA thumped hosts Australia 43-7 to book a semifinal spot as winners from Pool C.

The final will take place at 9:56 tonight.

You can watch the Sydney 7s live on FBC TV.

M1 12:57PM USA 32 – 14 Scotland Pool C
M2 01:19PM Australia 33 – 7 Japan Pool C
M3 01:41PM Argentina 14 – 52 South Africa Pool B
M4 02:03PM France 24 – 17 Samoa Pool B
M5 02:25PM Canada 28 – 19 Ireland Pool D
M6 02:47PM England 47 – 0 Spain Pool D
M8 03:09PM Fiji 28 – 14 Kenya Pool A
M8 03:31PM New Zealand 54 – 5 Wales Pool A
M9 06:24PM USA 45 – 7 Japan Pool C
M10 06:46PM Australia 31 – 14 Scotland Pool C
M11 07:08PM Argentina 28 – 21 Samoa Pool B
M12 07:30PM France 12 – 24 South Africa Pool B
M13 08:05PM Canada 12 – 28 Spain Pool D
M14 08:35PM England 19 – 12 Ireland Pool D
M15 09:05PM Kenya 21 – 26 Wales Pool A
M16 09:33PM Fiji 26 -5 New Zealand Pool A
M17 12:07PM Scotland 21- 21 Japan Pool C
M18 12:29PM Australia 7 – 43 USA Pool C
M19 12:51PM South Africa 36 – 0 Samoa Pool B
M20 01:13PM France 5 – 17 Argentina Pool B
M21 01:35PM Ireland 26 – 10 Spain Pool D
M22 01:57PM England 26 -14 Canada Pool D
M23 02:19PM Fiji 55 – 0 Wales Pool A
M24 02:41PM New Zealand 19 – 5 Kenya Pool A
Knockout Stages
M25 05:20PM South Africa USA Cup Semifinal
M26 05:42PM Fiji England Cup Semifinal
M27 06:10PM Kenya Samoa 15th Place Playoff
M28 06:32PM Spain Japan 13th Place Playoff
M29 06:54PM Wales Scotland 11th Place Playoff
M30 06:54PM France Canada 9th Place Playoff
M31 07:38PM Argentina Ireland 7th Place Playoff
M32 08:00PM New Zealand Australia 5th Place Playoff
M33 08:59PM Loser M25 Loser M26 3rd Place Playoff
M34 09:56PM Winner M25 Winner M26 Cup Final

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