‘Fiji is a role model’ FIFA consultant

Fiji is being used as a role model around the globe in the football development arena.

The FIFA Consultant to Oceania Region, Tony Readings, said this in his address during the launch of the Fiji FA Football Development Curriculum “Totolo Futupolo” at the Academy in Ba on Saturday.

He was accompanied by the FIFA Regional Office Development Manager, David Firisua, FIFA Regional Office Development Coordinator, Angelina Lee-Hussien, Head of Social Responsibility at Oceania Football Confederation (OFC), Michael Armstrong and the OFC Football Development Officer, Phil Parker.

“It’s a landmark event,” Readings said.

“A huge amount of work was done to bring this up which also includes the consultation process, a big analysis of the football landscape in Fiji and research from the best practice around the globe.

“FIFA conducted a global analysis on the football development around the world and produced Fiji with your ecosystem analysis on that, and Fiji has been a role model not only in our region but also globally of how you have taken in those recommendations and findings and incorporate to make positive changes in Fiji. On behalf of FIFA, I thank you for this and congratulations to Timo and the Technical team.”

Fiji FA Technical Director, Timo Jankowski, said the Launch in Ba was a fantastic event with more than 400 kids, a lot of parents, coaches, school teachers and officials.

“Also, it was amazing that Tony Readings our Technical Consultant from FIFA supported this event together with his colleagues.

“Besides that, it was great that OFC has sent with Phil Parker, Michael Armstrong and Angelina Lee-Husien three other Experts to support this launch as well.”

He said the football festival was the highlight of the day.

“Highlight was the Football Festival with lots of Small-Sided Games in a 3 vs 3 and 5 vs 5 formats, which we want to promote all over Fiji integrated into our new Youth Structure with a U13 and U15 League we will start this year and the upcoming U9 and U11 League in early 2023.

“The series of these three “Tutolo Futupolo” events have been a great start in our new Youth Development journey which has the aim to give every talent a chance in Fiji.”

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