Fiji football team save a little boy’s life

When Daily Post arrived at the scene, the boy was still lying on the road and was being treated by Fiji team physiotherapist Nishant Kumar and assisted by the Fijian players.

Mr.Kumar put on a neck brace around the injured boy’s neck and put him in the recovery resuscitation position with his head tilted to the side, later on, a few of the players carried the boy into the team bus to drive him to the hospital when the Pro Medical ambulance arrived on the scene and the paramedics put him into the ambulance where he was put on oxygen and they managed to stable his condition before driving him off to the hospital.

Team Fiji manager Anushil Kumar told Daily Post; “ Well, at that very moment, our team’s priority became attending to the little boy right there.

“Our bus was not moving at the time of the accident and our players just ran out of the vehicle, some stopped the traffic while a few attended to the little boy.

“Our physiotherapist, who is always equipped with all the necessary medical resources, immediately attended,” Kumar said.

“We did our very best to save the little kid,” Kumar said.

During their team’s devotion last night the Fiji team remembered the little boy in their prayers.

“ The team remembered and pray for that little kid in our evening devotion,” Kumar said.

The driver of the Fijian football team bus told Daily Post that they were coming around the roundabout and he was turning to drive the team towards La Parisien Bakery when he noticed the boy crossing the road, so he stopped and allowed him to cross.

The boy had gotten off a blue Isuzu Hilux which was parked along the opposite side of the road in a direction facing La Parisien, though the driver of the team Fiji bus and the boy had seen each other, the driver of the black Isuzu Hilux which was traveling fast towards Hibiscus Motel.

The driver of that black Isuzu said he could not see the boy because of that blue Isuzu, so he did not expect that someone was crossing the road.

Once the blue Isuzu had moved off the road onto the other side, he got a shock and tried to slow down but it was too late as he hit the little boy and stopped a few meters away as the crowd were shouting at him to stop.

Everyone was angry with the driver of the black Isuzu, and many were calling for a group fight to beat up that driver, however, the Fijian football players who saw the actual incident said the blue Isuzu was the one blocking the view of the oncoming black Isuzu, therefore they were trying to tell everyone, it was not the fault of the one driving the black Isuzu.

A lady who also witnessed the incident said, the victim of the accident is the grandson of the man driving the blue Isuzu and that the boy had gotten off his grandfather’s blue Isuzu to cross the road while his grandfather was parked on the road. She said as soon as the boy’s grandfather had driven off the road, he drove to his house past the place where people play petanque. It was there, that the boy got hit.

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