Fiji FA progress impresses FIFA Secretary-General

Fiji Football Association is on the right track, says FIFA General Secretary Fatma Samoura while her visiting to the Fiji FA Academy in Suva on Sunday.

“When I look at the figures and also hear about all the investments that have been made over the past few years I can just say FIFA Forward money here is money well spent and they deserve loud applause, “said Samoura

FIFA has invested close to $US 7.5 ($F17.6) million in the infrastructure projects at Fiji FA since 2007.

“FIFA is pleased with the development works and believes that Fiji has the potential to make its name in world football,”Samoura said

She said there was no secret in football.

“If you do invest money in the right field and if you have a good approach, you have a sustainable strategy you preserve to see it immediately,”

She said there would be an increase in the FIFA Forward budget next year.

“Starting in the next cycle there will be a substantive increase of the FIFA Forward money from $6m today to $8m meaning Fiji FA will have another $2m added on their budget to be able to achieve also some of the critical investment that you need in terms of infrastructure buildings and also In terms of promoting the game,” she said

Samoura also congratulated Fiji Football for securing a partnership with McDonald’s.

“I would like to congratulate you for securing a good partnership with McDonald’s. MacDonald’s will not associate with people or countries who don’t perform so the real fact that you are benefiting from the sponsorship from this biggest global company means that also believe in the possibility of getting at a much higher level in football,”

“I also believe your talent identification program which could assist your national teams to achieve a higher level in football in near future,” Samoura said

Samoura said my dream would be Fiji to do more in women’s football.

“Of course, my dream would be for you also to do more on women’s football I am quite confident Fiji could reach greater heights in women’s football,”

“I encourage you also to invest more in women’s football in the future with the money that will be coming from FIFA but also additional resources that you also could benefit from the women’s technical development program in terms of assisting and educating more coaches and more administrators of women in football in general,”

She also congratulated the Digicel Kula girls for making it to the OFC Nations Cup final.

“I would like to congratulate your national women’s team for reaching the OFC Women’s Nation Cup a few months back and it means that Fiji is on the right track in the development of women’s football here,”

Samoura made her maiden visit to Fiji on Saturday and was welcomed at the Fiji FA Academy in Suva on Sunday during the day.

In the evening she had a banquet dinner with Fiji’s Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama and other dignitaries.

She was accompanied by her Personal Assistant Cinzia Miotto, FIFA Regional Development Officer David Frisua, and New Zealand Football Association president Johanna Wood.


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