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Fiji Football Association conducted a girl’s football festival at the Labasa Sangam Primary School in Vanua Levu last Saturday.

More than 20 girls participated in a two-hour program conducted by Fiji FA Technical Director Timo Yankowski.

He said the main objective of the festival was to increase the visibility of women’s football in the country

“Our Festivals have clearly shown the enthusiasm there is in the north from young girls when they are offered the opportunity to participate in football, “said Yankowski

“This program aims to align with Fiji FA’s strategic priorities of enriching lives through football and strengthening capability and leadership across football through boosting the participation of girls and women, promoting existing competitions & leagues, and providing opportunities for coaching, refereeing and administration roles,”

“The program has been developed to create a story that football is more than just kicking a ball. The play reflects the movement of the body, fun and enjoyment aspects, the dream reflects the role models and aspirational messaging and life reflects all the benefits you can’t necessarily touch but gain from being involved in football – i.e., friendships, connections, confidence, life skills,” added Yankowski

Yankowski said he had seen potentials in the girls in Labasa.

“There are a lot of potential players as they are passionate about football and I think they have enjoyed playing football today (Saturday)”

Fiji FA is planning to have more football festivals for girls in conjunction with Fiji FA Just Play program around the country.

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