F1 Qatar Grand Prix LIVE: FP2 in progress, Verstappen faster than Hamilton in FP1


Lewis Hamilton has been praised by fans for wearing a rainbow helmet at the Qatar Grand Prix in support of the LGBTQ+ community.

Homosexuality is criminalised in Qatar, where this weekend’s crucial race takes place.

During today’s practice,¬†Hamilton¬†donned a rainbow-coloured helmet, in solidarity with those that are persecuted simply for their sexuality in the gulf state.

The back of the helmet featured the message: “We stand together.”

Fans were impressed with the 36-year-old’s gesture.

One wrote on social media: “WAIT is Hamilton wearing a pride flag on his helmet this weekend in f***ing QATAR? I love this man.”

A second added: “Big balls move, like it.”

And another commented: “I may not be a fan of him but I can f***ing respect that.”

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