David Moyes loves making West Ham great entertainers of the Premier League

David Moyes is revelling in his role in making West Ham the Premier League’s great entertainers.

The Hammers, flying high in the league, roaring through their Europa League group and into the Carabao Cup quarter-finals, have their 10th TV date of the season on Sunday when they head to Aston Villa

The entertainers tag is not one readily associated with Moyes in the past with Everton, Manchester United and Sunderland, or even during his first spell with West Ham.

But this stylish Hammers side have already hit 16 goals in nine top-flight matches and a further seven on their continental travels.

“It makes me feel really good because I’ve always said I want to be the best and the hardest team to play against – when teams don’t enjoying playing me,” said Moyes.

“When I was brought up at Celtic, it was always about winning, first and foremost. Then it was about winning with style and then when you get a good style, they wanted lots of goals. So I feel like my whole background has been in that.

“But when you don’t always have the best players and not always the best, maybe way of playing, then I have to find a way of winning.

“At the moment I am really fortunate. I have a talented group of players, we’ve brought in some players who have helped that.

“We have some players who have revived their careers, some players who are in the best form they’ve ever been in in their career.

“So I feel we are playing a good style. I want us to be attacking and entertaining but I also want to be defensive and ruthless when we have to be.

“I don’t think you can go through a whole season in the Premier League winning 4-3. You have to go through periods when you are maybe not scoring and defensively you need a clean sheet.

“In recent weeks we’ve done that a little bit – scoring a couple of set-pieces.

“At the start of season we were scoring four but conceding twos and I was enjoying the fours but wasn’t enjoying the twos.

“I’m hoping it makes West Ham more interesting and the common people think we are moving in the right direction.

“And to think back that we have had maybe eight, nine, 10 TV slots already, that it is giving us the idea we are becoming a bit more fashionable.”

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