Chelsea vs Leeds LIVE REACTION: Pulisic wraps it up in injury time after Zouma and Giroud strikes


These are the full time thoughts of Chelsea boss Frank Lampard:

“Well we started brilliantly, and in the first few minutes, in the first passes or little passage of the game they score.

“So there’s the test straight away against a team of their quality, but I think over the period of the game we created so many opportunities, real clear cut ones, good opportunities.

“We stayed positive against a team that stresses you and strains you in how they move and the energy in their team.

“You have to defend well, you have to accept they’re probably going to get chances because of the amount of numbers they got forward at different times, but we dominated the game in terms of the action in the boxes.”

“And [we] fully deserved the win, I just wanted it to be more comfortable and it was [for] probably about the last thirty seconds.”

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