Bryson DeChambeau snaps driver after another massive tee shot during first round of PGA Championship

BRYSON DeCHAMBEAU snapped his driver after unleashing another huge drive at the PGA Championship.

The American, 26, let rip with one off the tee of the 340-yard par-four seventh at Harding Park in San Francisco.

DeChambeau was left stunned after his driver snapped


DeChambeau was left stunned after his driver snappedCredit: USA TODAY Sports

The ball sailed off to the right rough but there was a moment of sheer panic when he looked down to see clubhead and shaft detached.

Commentators initially speculated whether DeChambeau – who has gained 3st of muscle as part of a drastic body transformation – snapped the club in anger.

But replays showed the shaft and clubhead separated after the golfer leaned on the club to pick up his tee.

Luckily for the six-time PGA Tour winner, he was able to replace the club.

The head came clean off DeChambeau's driver


The head came clean off DeChambeau’s driverCredit: Getty Images – Getty
At least the six-time PGA Tour winner was able to replace his club quickly


At least the six-time PGA Tour winner was able to replace his club quicklyCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Under rule 4.1, a player is entitled to replace a damaged club so long as it is damaged in the course of play.

Had DeChambeau smashed it in anger, he would not be allowed to replace it, leaving him with 13 clubs.

Luckily, DeChambeau, who wolfs down 6,000 calories a day to maintain his size, had an identical spare ready to go.

He sent his manager out to their car to get it.

And he even had a bit of extra time because the next hole he played, the eighth, was a par-three.

By the time he had a driver again, DeChambeau sent off another blistering drive down the ninth fairway.

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