Bronze Bomber in HOSPITAL as Gypsy King survives TWO knockdowns to win epic


Tyson Fury admitted he expects Deontay Wilder to have ‘a lot of excuses’ after brilliantly beating his rival ‘fair and square’, writes JACK FIGG

Fury drew with the American in 2018 but two years later won the rematch is seven rounds.

But Wilder refused to accept the defeat and blamed the result on several ludicrous reasons, including his water being SPIKED and Fury fighting with WEIGHTS in his gloves. 

They were accusations he stuck by but never proved and even before the trilogy bout raised concerns once again over his rival’s gloves. 

But they were cleared by the Nevada State Athletic Commission and Fury used them to knock Wilder out in round 11. 

The unbeaten British heavyweight champion tried to console the Bronze Bomber afterwards, but was snubbed, so again hit out at ‘sore loser’ Wilder. 

Fury told Behind The Gloves: “I’m sure he’ll have a lot of excuses to make. 

“He always does, he’s a sore loser and he has Everlast MX on and I had Paffen Sports on, the gloves were the same.

“His trainers were in the changing rooms yet again, they checked everything, there’s no queries.

“He got beat fair and square and that’s all she wrote for Deontay Wilder. And I’ll be surprised if he ever boxes again.”

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