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The Fiji Football Association launched its first-ever football development curriculum titled” Totolo Futupolo” last Saturday at Fiji FA Headquarters in Vatuwaqa.

Fiji FA president Rajesh Patel while launching the curriculum says the curriculum will surely grow the sport in the country.

“I must congratulate our technical department who worked have worked tirelessly through the last few months in developing a full Football Development Curriculum for grassroots football development.

“Our Technical Director, Timo Jankowski spearheaded the initiative to develop what would be a Technical plan, Playing Principles, Player Development and Coaching Guide Lines, and a catalog with training exercises to develop our next generation for the needs of modern football with the support of Digicel national football coach Flemming Serrislev and our Coach Educator Master Yogendra Dutt,”

“We saw an increased interest in our programs from when we started and have received many thumbs-up for organization and a clearly defined vision focused on developing passion, interest, and lifelong participation in football.”

“Our focus is not entirely on developing football skills, but to develop leaders within our system who can influence a culture of healthy living through football.

“How should Fijians play football? What skills and style best suit our nation and our hundreds of thousands of players? These are fundamental questions that should engage the minds of everyone involved in the game from the professional tier to the grassroots.”

“The FFA National Football Curriculum not only provides answers but explains the philosophy behind how we should play and illustrates practical steps that bring the thinking to life in training and matches,” said Patel

“Having this Football Curriculum available for all kids across the nation is a key part of FFA’s Strategic Plan to make football the biggest and most popular game in Fiji.”

“We will ensure our coaches are equipped with the skills and character required to maximise the learning outcomes, along with being good coaches, mentors, and role models.”

“Through a safe learning environment that is supportive to our players, we can strive to improve a player’s creative flair, adaptability for using individual and team play, and style of football built on a foundation of strong technical skills,”

“We expect our players to have fun and enjoy themselves in a socially & progressive environment that allows them to develop both physical football, emotional & cognitive skills,” said Patel

Jankowski says grassroots football is a significant part of the association.

Jankowski says traveling to rural communities has been an eye-opener for him especially engaging with coaches and sharing ideas.

“I tried to speak to a lot of people, I still remember just to pick a few with Marika I asked a lot of questions everyone was super helpful. People from Futsal, youth coaches”

The curriculum will be launched in the Northern Division this Saturday and in the western division a week later.

There are 231 pages in the football development curriculum.

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