At Super Bowl media night, Tyreek Hill puts on the face that the Chiefs want

MIAMI — Asking questions of a football star on Super Bowl media night is always like trying to hold a police interrogation in the middle of a pop-up circus, so it was hard to blame Tyreek Hill if he sat down, looked out at the reporters and the clowns, and couldn’t tell the difference. 

It was a strange session on Monday evening, if not for him than for us. Hill is an amazing football player and an engaging interview. He touted his teammates and spoke reverentially of Tom Brady. He was asked to talk trash to 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman, and he pretended he would and then said how much he respected Sherman’s game. He did not seem like the man who beat up his pregnant girlfriend, Crystal Espinal, in 2014 and got kicked off the Oklahoma State football team; who got engaged to her, had kids with her and was the subject of a child-abuse investigation for two incidents last spring; and who was heard on a recorded audio telling Espinal, “You need to be terrified of me too, bitch.”

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