AJ tips the scales HEAVIER than vs Ruiz as pair have verbals before bout


Anthony Joshua had to be pulled away from Kubrat Pulev at their Friday weigh-in as the Saturday fight threatened to start early.

AJ got his giant right hand on the Bulgaraian’s left shoulder after the 40-year-old veteran overstepped the mark with whatever was being said underneath the masks.

Credit: ©Mark Robinson/Matchroom

After weighing in at 17st 2lbs, three pounds heavier than he was for the rematch win over Andy Ruiz Jr in December 2019, AJ said: “I don’t know what sparked that. That’s just how we are.

“He has spoken a lot of rubbish and now he has to back it up.

“I have seen so many fighters talk a load of rubbish and then get smacked up.

“If you don’t know boxing then that sort of thing could intimidate you but I could have whacked him up there but I have to save it for tomorrow.

“I sparred on Thursday so tonight will just be a shake-out.

“I have studied him and he thinks he is a warrior but he is up against a real one now.

“When people come in the ring with me they are confident but I take their soul away and get them out of there.”

Pulev looked in great shape for a 39-year-old veteran and it was confirmed that he had trimmed 9lbs off since his last fight back in November 2019.

“My physique is different,” he said. “I have a lot of experience. 

“In amateur boxing I have more than 300 amateur fights, I don’t know how many. 

“But in pro boxing, also 10 years, I don’t know maybe the physique with the years and fights comes stronger.”

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