6 Tips For Advancing Your Career In Sports Management

Published on 26 Sep 2022 1:32 pm (UK Time)

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The sports industry is a collaborative mix of different professionals working together. While star athletes are the highlight of any significant event, a sports manager helps in ensuring athletes remain the focal point. A manager does this by looking after the organization, scheduling events promptly, and picking the best dates for selling tickets.

As a sports manager, you will share your love for the game and admiration for your favorite stars by being their most vital asset. You get to witness the magic of a well-played game come to life before your eyes. However, before you can start working with your favorite teams, you need to build a career first. Here’s how you do this:

  1. Get the relevant qualification

Sports management is a vast profession that ranges from managing teams to marketing and sales. The field is in demand and will grow up to 25% in the next decade. While you can choose one major of sports management to specialize in, it’s best to choose a qualification covering all the management areas. You should know proper PR management, learn about adequate sports marketing, and know the basics of accounting.

The right degree will help you upgrade your experience working with college teams and equip you to work with professional athletes. You will get the chance to research, intern, and work with different managers until you become steady enough to take the reins. So, once you learn more and enrol in a top-notch program, you will be able to rise the ranks steadily and become a successful manager.

  1. Learn about your favorite franchise

When you learn about your favorite franchise, you will know plenty about the organization to apply to them with honest and genuine comments on the team. While you will need to visit your favorite franchise in person, you should also use their social media pages to gain valuable insights on the team.

For example, you learn your favorite team is highly active on Instagram and replies to most fan comments. This will help you think of projects that will allow your team to get even closer to the public eye. Such as using social media to sell more merchandise on the team and sharing videos with fans.

Active social engagement will generate an influx of public interest when tickets go on sale. Your interest in a franchise and then supplementing their image online will help you become a manager. In comparison, your active participation will teach you the importance of building a solid reputation for the team and yourself.

  1. Become a volunteer

The sports industry also holds sports conferences, which will be a good opportunity to bolster your career. By volunteering in sports conferences, you will get a chance to meet sports executives and network with them. Sports executives are at the top of the management chain. Meeting them will teach you the art of communication, body language, and a deeper understanding of a sport’s manager role. Once you become a manager, your franchise’s reputation will rest on your shoulders, which you will be able to carry well.

Therefore, an early network will help you create a good name for yourself and them. However, jumping right into a sports conference for voluntary work may be intimidating when you are new to the field. A gradual build-up is what you need. It would help if you looked for any non-profit organization aiming to make sports more accessible to the community and work with them for a while. When you feel confident, you can look at larger conferences.

  1. Get yourself a mentor

Mentors are necessary no matter the profession. These professionals hold experience, knowledge, and skills that will enable you to understand the parameters of your job correctly. A mentor will help you advance your career as a sports manager. Therefore, you will need to find an adequate leader. It would help if you combed your network to narrow down your search or continue visiting different sports conferences and finding someone you connect with.

Once you find your mentor, you should start shadowing them and analyzing their every action to benefit from their expertise. Under the supervision of your mentor, you will learn better team management. This will include better coaches, more marketing, and spearheading relations between athletes and sports team investors. None of these is possible without the watchful guidance of your mentor.

  1. Read more industry-related reports

The sports industry also reports its latest trends, strategies, and even new faces such as athletic protégés making their debut. By reading these reports, you will understand where the sector is heading and the future of large-scale sporting events. Some industry reports also analyze players, giving you a good idea of the public opinion about teams and their players.

A sports team depends on their manager to guide them and assure them about their winning chances. So, you will harm your organization by skipping reports and letting coaches continue with no strategic insights into areas of improvement. Therefore, to ensure you know market trends and favorite spectator teams, get into the habit of reading what the hive mind reports.

  1. Work on your organizational skills

Running a sports organization is all about knowing what the right moves are. You will not know these moves unless you work on yourself. Get into the habit of putting yourself out there by joining professional associations that will connect you to other sports managers. You will get a chance to showcase your creativity, learn more about business contracts and brush up on your knowledge of laws around sports.

Organizational skills will help your enterprise secure the best deals and contacts for your players. You will know how to negotiate terms that may serve as a key factor in securing a future for your franchise. This will include more positive press and media deals such as advertisements and endorsements and more opportunities for the team to play. These factors will work together and keep your team at the top of its game.


Your career as a sports manager will be a well-established one if you diligently explore the industry. Managing an entire organization is a mixture of your understanding of your role, the experiences you pick up, and the mentors you make. Therefore, get yourself the right qualifications, endorse your favorite franchise and build a solid network for yourself.

The hustle does not end here. You will still need guidance in hiring coaches and cultivating an image for your team. Don’t forget to work on your organizational skills so you will not miss golden opportunities to make your franchise shine while cutting excellent business deals.

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